2. Inside The World Of ETFs with Jan van Eck

2. Inside The World Of ETFs with Jan van Eck

In this episode, Douglas Yones, Head of Exchange Traded Products at the New York Stock Exchange, is joined by Jan van Eck, Chief Executive Officer, VanEck. Jan shares his knowledge of global ETFs, including his current favorites, and the transformation this asset class has undergone and will continue to undergo as the current economy adapts to world events. Jan also discusses why VanEck created a Bitcoin-linked ETF and the potential role of cryptocurrency in investment portfolios. 

 Jan discusses: 

  • How VanEck became so involved with ETFs
  • Current financial growth opportunities across the global equity markets
  • What it takes to be successful with ETFs
  • How cryptocurrency has transformed from a joke to a lucrative reality
  • The adaptability and innovation within the economy

Resources: WealthManagement.com | Douglas Yones, ChFC® | Jan van Eck | VanEck


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